14 Dec 2017 Riccione Bric's - new range of cabin size luggage! Riccione Bric's - new range of cabin size luggage, four colours in matt finish, polycarbonate material, affordable price. Riccione is waiting for you in our Mr.Sacvoyage stores
16 Nov 2017 X-TRAVEL in BLUE -20%! Hurry up! During 2 weeks you can buy one of X-Travel or X-Bag item in blue colour with 20% discount. Blue colour is the bestseller. So welcomee to our chain of Mr.Sacvoyage stores
8 Sep 2017 New opening in Ocean Plaza mall! We are happy to inform that today the new opening of Mr. Sacvoyage store will take place in Ocean Plaza mall.  The shop is located on -1 floor, near ASHAN supermarket. Luggage and travel accessories of such famous brands like DELSEY, BRIC'S and V&V are presented in our new shop. Besides there are also women bags of italian brand Gianni Chiarini, and men leather goods of Giudi and Franco Cesare brands. All of the models from our assortment you can find in our online stores http://delsey.com.ua/ and http://travelstore.ua/
7 Jun 2017 New store Mr.Sacvoyage Mr. SAcvoyage chain of stores is geting wider, so we are happy to inform that we have opened a new shop in Severodonezk city.  Our Mr. Sacvoyage store is located in Dzhaz mall, Zentralniy pr. , 46, 1 floor, the shop is open every day from 10am to 7pm.  The assortment of the new shop includes a wide range of luggage, travel accessories, women bags, wallets etc. Besides you can also find  all items and models online http://travelstore.ua/ and  http://delsey.com.ua/
31 Mar 2017 New colours for X-Travel and X-Bag! New colours of X-Travel and X-Bag ranges are waiting for you in Mr.Sacvoyage stores or online!
10 Mar 2017 Attention! The store is closed Attention! The store is closed

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