Mr. Sacvoyage – is a chain of stores with focus on luggage, handbags, leather goods, briefcases, travel accessories and is rapidly developing on the Ukrainian market. Today, Mr. Sacvoyage includes 14 stores in 7 cities of Ukraine, and by the end of the year we are planning to open two more stores. More info →


«Mr. Sacvoyage» store

"Ocean Plaza" shopping mall, Antonovicha str.176, -1 floor
tel 094-926-59-84

«Mr. Sacvoyage» store

«Ukraine» shopping mall, Podedy avenue 3, 3rd floor

tel.: 044-361-29-85 

«Mr. Sacvoyage» store

"Lavina" shopping mall, Berkoveckaya str, 6

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D. Yavornitsky Ave. 28
Dnipro, Ukraine
(095) 329-69-01